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Before you do any driving you will be asked to perform an eyesight check and then be asked some vehicle safety questions (show me, tell me)

You will then be tested on your general driving ability, including 2 reversing exercises, turn of the road and maybe the emergency stop.

The Driving Test lasts approximatley 40 minutes and is conducted by the DSA examiner.


Our Driving Instructors are aware of the Test Routes, that are designed to test your skills, and where possible incorporate everyday road and traffic conditions.

Committing more than 15 minor Driving faults or one serious or dangerous fault will result in a fail.


Driving Instructors will manage your progress and help maximise your chances of passing first time with the use of Mock Driving Tests, which will give you a taste of the real thing.

You must bring the following items with you to the test. If you don’t, the Driving Standards Agency may refuse to carry out and you may lose your fee.

1. Your theory test pass certificate.

2. Both parts of your photo card licence.

3. If you have an old paper style licence, you must take your driving licence and a valid passport.

It is a good idea to bring your letter of confirmation regarding your test time and date in case there is a query.

The average waiting time for a Practical Driving Test is normally 6-8 weeks. Fasttrack Driving can secure Driving Test Dates in days! We will check for Quick Test Dates if you have your own Driving Instructor or own car.

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